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Shipping FAQ

We can confirm we have sent your package. Also, the US Postal Service has now offered a duplicate copy of the customs form that we fill out allowing us to retain proof that we sent your package. Unfortunately, we do not have a method to track international packages. Most countries outside the U.S.A. do not offer tracking numbers unless you request the item be sent registered. We do not offer this option because the expense is extremely high.  Generally once we ship your order to you, you should receive it within 5 to 8 weeks.

We ship all orders through the United States Postal Service.  We fill out a White Form or a green form depending on weight of the item being shipped.  The Post Office has stated to us that they usually get the items shipped to the country ordered from within 7 – 10 Business days.  After that, the time for delivery will vary, depending on the Customs department for the receiving country (usually between 4-6 weeks).  We cannot control the time your package may spend in Customs. The Customs department in your country can hold your package for up to 30 days after arrival.  They can also choose to open the package and inspect each and every item.

If you order an item to ship overseas or to an APO/FPO without first contacting us, we will email you with the additional costs to be charged to your credit card. If you do not agree with these terms, we will cancel and refund your order. Please remember, the fees to ship overseas are higher than domestic shipping (a difference of $3-5 domestic to $40, for example). This is why it is important that you contact us prior to ordering, so we can determine what your shipping costs will be and process your order without delay.

We do not ship to those countries due to the amount of scams that come out of those countries with stolen credit cards and/or stolen cashiers checks.  To avoid the hassle, we just choose to not deal with anything from those countries.  Every order is checked that comes through our system.  All funds are verified and anything that looks suspicious we look into to insure that it is not being purchased fraudulently. We protect consumers and ourselves from being scammed out of merchandise or money.  …and we are good at what we do!

Online Orders FAQ

Yes! All transactions made on our website are on a secure SSL server and are safe from hackers and any fraudulent attempts to gain any information from you. When we receive your order we do not have access to the credit card number that you used when making your purchase. After you enter your contact information and click “Continue”, the next page will display your order, billing address and shipping address details. Here you will find Payment Options, indicating Secure Card Payment or Money Order, and our statement, “Credit Card details are collected using a SSL secured server.” Click here to see an example of our secure certificate.

No. Why? Because to do it right we would have to print it out in full color. It’s not cost effective. We’d rather save that cost so we can offer our items at a lower cost to you (check out how much it would cost to put 20,000+ items in a printed full color catalog).

No. At this time we do not offer wholesale purchases or accounts of any kind. We are a retail store just like Macy’s or Target (we just have cooler things to sell).

Festivals & Events

We have another shop at the Texas Renaissance Festival (Booth #54) which is smaller but has a very wide selection of items that you should go see if you are in town and want a great afternoon adventure.  We also do various festivals around the year including, CMA, Scottish Highland Games Fest, & more! Check our Facebook Page for our next event!

Yes we are!!  We are located next to The Tower Stage in Booth #54, #55. You’ll also find our Tarot Readers and The Enchanted Realm Soap Shop in Sherwood Forest, booth #86.  Come by and see us!!

The answer is a BIG NO!  We do not raise prices for any reason just because we are at some festival.  The idea is to SELL our merchandise and we can’t very well do that and move it out if the prices are outrageous.  So to settle this once and for all:  WE DO NOT RAISE PRICES AT ANY FESTIVALS.

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