The Story of the Magick Cauldron

The Magick Cauldron started back on the mid 1980’s on the Katy Freeway next to JJ’s Sleep Shop, which was a family business at the time while the Cauldron was getting established in Houston.  Through the dedication of both the owner and staff, the cauldron quickly rose in the ranks as a premier Pagan / Wiccan supply store offering not only rare and unique products that were not found anywhere else at the time, but also classes for the magickal community and visits from pagan authors who would frequent the establishment to do book signings for the loyal fans.

Fast forward a couple years and the cauldron moved to a better, more central location on Richmond Avenue near Kirby Dr.  This served to strengthen the store’s reputation a it began to grow bigger and better with every passing year.  In a short time The store grew bigger and its inventory outlived that location and a new location was found on Westheimer in the heart of the Montrose area in Houston.  This again served to be a great location, although some will remember the parking to be a bit challenging at times…LOL.

Staff members came and went, but we always kept great and knowledgeable people available to answer questions and aid those in need of answers.  If you have ever been to one of the stores, you are quite familiar with the shops dogs that are always happy to greet you at the door and sometimes a little too enthusiastic to help you shop.  They have become great friends to many who shop with us over the years and almost family friends to most patrons of the Cauldron. This location remained the base for the pagan community for may years until we were able to actually purchase our own property free and clear of rent and landlords.

In early 2001, the Magick Cauldron moved one final time to its current (and permanent) location at 2424 Montrose Blvd. Taking up space in the former Phoenix Comic Book Store. This allowed for the ultimate expansion and increase in products making the Magick Cauldron the largest retailer in the Houston area for Pagan and Wiccan related supplies.  Through the years some of the expanded product lines included a wide range of swords, knives and other weaponry for the cosplay community as well as the patrons of the various renaissance festivals throughout the State of Texas.

magick cauldron at TRFSpeaking of renaissance festivals, just a few years later after moving to the new location, the decision was made to expand further and have a physical presence at the Texas Renaissance Festival, where we still operate today and are open every season!

At present, we see no signs of slowing down.  We strive to offer everyone who comes through our doors the very best experience when they shop with us.  We invite you to come out and stay a spell.  Strike up a conversation with one of our staff and you could make yourself a good friend.  We value all of you who shop with us and those who have remained with us through the decades.  We look forward to serving the Magickal community for many years to come.  Thank you all for your support!!!

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