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Welcome to the Magick Cauldron

The Magick Cauldron is the premier retailer of Witchcraft Supplies, Pagan Supplies and Wicca Supplies and Renaissance Gear with superior customer satisfaction ratings. We have served Houston and the World for over 30 years. We owe our success to you, our loyal customers who over the year shave accompanied us on this magickal journey and helped us to provide the very best items to you. We thank you all and hope you will continue to stay with us for years to come!

  • Over 20,000 different products in house and in stock including over 3000 titles in books!!
  • Fast order turnaround , ALL orders shipped out USPS Priority Mail Every Week.
  • The Magick Cauldron respects and protects your privacy as well as your personal information and never shares it with anyone.
  • Orders are packed with care so they’re shipped safely.
  • The Magick Cauldron is a owned and operated by folks just like you with a knowledgeable staff that can assist you in what you are looking for be it information or merchandise.

Tarot Readings

Tarot readings available by appointment Monday thru Saturday. 

Thursdays and Fridays Brian will be available from 2pm-6pm. (Currently accepting payments via cash and Venmo)

Call or come up to the register to make an appointment.


Coming this March we will be starting two new classes!

TAROT 101 – Starts March 16 at 7:30-9:30pm for 10 weeks each Saturday. Cost: $250 with a non refundable deposit of $50. Includes a tarot deck and journal.

WITCHCRAFT 101 – Starts March 24 at 6:30-8:30pm for 10 weeks each Sunday. Cost: $200 with a non refundable deposit of $50.


It is with our deepest sadness that we tell you, our beloved Harley crossed the Rainbow Bridge May 13 2024. She has been a stable companion and brought comfort, amusement, and joy not only to Paul but to the shop and all it’s patrons during her lifetime with us. She had a beautiful 14 years of great care and all the pets she could want. We will greatly miss her.

Stone of the Month: Agate

Agate, being a form of Chalcedony, comes in a variety of different colors and energies. This month we are highlighting this variety in place of a single stone. Below you will find information on a very small selection of different Agates.

Fire Agate: A stone of passion and creativity, helps manifest Divine guidance through action, assists one in taking decisive action in unclear circumstances. Particularly helpful in overcoming artistic blocks of all kinds.

Turritella Agate:  deeply connected to the earth and home, to one’s personal roots and ancestry, even the events of one’s past. A survival stone, one of strength and protection. Recognized by the sea creature and fossilized snail patterns within the stone.

Moss Agate: Known as the crystal of gardeners and agriculture. A stabilizing and strengthening influence. A stone of abundance.

Tree Agate: It’s energy is almost identical to moss agate. Helps individuals look inside for self-examination, which also may result in a calm demeanor. Potent aid in nurturing, whether of fledgling family relationships or a new business venture.

Crazy Lace Agate: Laughter Stone, or “Happy Lace.” Brings joy to those who wear it. A stone of support and encouragement, elevating thoughts and promoting optimism.

Botswana Agate: It is comforting and protective, soothing to those who are lonely, easily hurt or grieve a loss. Supports love and the strength to look for solutions rather than dwelling on difficulties.


The Magick Cauldron was started in April of 1985 with the intent and focus of helping others to find their own personal path of enrichment and enlightenment.

As the oldest and largest occult store in the city of Houston, Texas, our business priority is and always will be information and ritual supply. We achieve this by having a friendly and knowledgeable staff. We come from all walks of life and have experience in many traditions. If there is something we don’t know, we’ll tell you! We’ll also try, to the best of our ability, to help you find the answer. Our primary goal is to help the individual explore their personal path to enlightenment.

Some of the services we offer include magical consultation, classes, tarot readings, cleansings (complimentary on Sundays), and a knowledgeable staff willing to give information on subject matter that they are familiar with.

We also happen to be the largest sword vendor at the Texas Renaissance Festival. We show over 1000 different blades from costume pieces to antiques and modern combat grade weapons. We also have armor and helmets for sale. Join us in October and November at booths 54 & 55.

We’re not here to do the work for you but empower you with the knowledge, skills, and support to complete your journey. We’re not here to offer gimmicks. We’re not here to judge. We’re tolerant to all paths towards enlightenment.  Only the individual can make the journey. No one can make it for them. So, come see us and let us help you on your journey to empowerment and enlightenment.

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