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The Complete Tarot Kit

The Complete Tarot Kit is a magical voyage of discovery that teaches you how to read your own tarot cards. Includes Susan’s book “Introduction to Tarot”, a mid-size Rider-Waite Tarot® deck and a mid-size Crowley Thoth Tarot® deck, and a personal Tarot Journal.

A truly unique feature is the Quick Reference Chart. The chart is a reversible stand-up guide when folded into a triangular shape and secured. It has a glossy coating which makes it easy to wipe off. The chart is a list of all the cards complete with keywords. The Rider-Waite correspondences are covered on one side and the Crowley Thoth are on the reversed side. A full color spread sheet with the Woven Spread is also included in the kit. Everything in The Complete Tarot Kit comes in a beautifully decorated, sturdy box with a magnetic closure to keep everything contained within it secure.


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