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Tarot Decks

Tarot card readings can be used as a spiritual tool to help guide you into the future. With practice, one may become proficient enough to do readings professionally. Tarot can be used to help expand your intuition and psychic awareness. Some use tarot cards as a guide, for assistance with a decision to make.

You can buy tarot cards for tarot spells and rituals of all kinds. Tarot card decks make a great spiritual gift idea for anyone with an open mind for a birthday, graduation, initiation or just to encourage them on their spiritual path.

The purchase of a tarot deck is a very personal matter because of the connection between the reader and the deck. The Magick Cauldron offers you a wide selection of tarot decks to choose from, so you can find that certain deck that calls to you.


Albano Waite Tarot



Aquarian Tarot



Bosch Tarot



Celestial Tarot



Circle of Life Tarot



Connolly Tarot



Crystal Tarot



Dark Angels Tarot



Dark Grimoire Tarot



Deviant Moon Tarot



Dragon Tarot



Egyptian Tarot



Fenestra Tarot



Ghost Tarot



Golden Botticelli Tarot



Golden Tarot



Golden Tarot of Klimt



Golden Tarot of Klimt - Mini



Golden Tarot of the Tsar



Gothic Tarot



Halloween Tarot



Medieval Scapini Tarot



Morgan Greer Tarot



Nefertari’s Tarot



Tarot of the New Vision



Night Sun Tarot



Paulina Tarot



Quick and Easy Tarot Deck



Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot



Royo Dark Tarot



Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg



Secret Tarot



Shaman Tarot



Tarot Art Nouveau Mini



Tarot of a Moon Garden



Tarot of Celtic Fairies



Tarot of Marseilles



Tarot of Pagan Cats



Tarot of the Angels



Tarot of the Druids



Tarot of The Old Path



Tarot of the Thousand and One Nights



Tarot XIII



The Book of Thoth Etteilla Tarot



The Goddess Tarot



The Hermetic Tarot



The Hobbit Tarot



The Labyrinth Tarot



The Lord of the Rings Tarot



The New Palladini Tarot



The Rider Tarot – Pocket Edition



The Rider Tarot Deck



The Robin Wood Tarot



The Sacred Rose Tarot



Thoth Tarot Kit


  • Thoth Tarot – Large
  • by Aleister Crowley
  • Features large sized 78-card deck, instruction booklet, and a full color, ancient ten-card spread sheet.
  • Detailed product description and photos
  • $29.95
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Thoth Tarot Kit



Thoth Tarot Kit



Ukiyoe Tarot



Universal Fantasy Tarot



Universal Waite Tarot



Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night



Visconti Tarot



Visconti Tarot - Mini